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Miniature Garden

"Miniature Garden" by Tucker Stilley

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Tucker's Videos

I make videos using an Eyetracker now, but I've been making Video for what seems like centuries. You see here work from analog video synthesizers such as the wall-sized Sandin and Aries... work shot on an amazing array of cameras, spanning the vast gulf between analog Plumbicon b/w, Slow-scan telephone 8 bit video, the infamous Quaker Oats PIXL-2000, to the Ikagami 3 tube studio cameras, green screens, all forms of tricknologies; Quantizers, PDP-11's, Amigas, Aftereffects - and then the avalanche, the countless plugins, the new editing rig's manual to memorize the day before dailies. Projects that had to feather perfectly with the idle moments in a blockbuster... or waiting for the telephone to ring. Bizarre equipment used others begged, borrowed (and yes - stolen) recorded on everything from U-Matic 3/4' to VHS, Betamax, Beta, and finally - full circle and again entirely abstract - directly to file. I can say without doubt that these little slices of vision have come to you by the most torturous of paths.

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