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Pig Roast 00: Build-In

Pig Roast 00: Build-In

"Pig Roast 00: Build-In" by NewJack Rasputin. Camera by Johnathan Sahula


Play Hymn Hymn

This is "Hymn" by NewJack Rasputin...Mystr S. Mole’s Magnetic Resonance Imaging session. (10 Sec.) ©2005 Tucker Stilley

Play Nude Descending Staircase - reissue Nude Descending Staircase - reissue

"Nude Descending Staircase - reissue" by NewJack Rasputin - Explosion in a Pixel Factory. Inspired - as always - by M. Duchamp

Play Tube '66 - El Morro Beach Tube '66 - El Morro Beach

"Tube '66 - El Mofrro Beach" by NewJack Rasputin (7.5 Sec.) ©1966 My Grandfather was an engineer for a big tyre company, and he would bring us these absolutely heroic-scale innertubes to play with in the surf...

Play Cross of Carrots Cross of Carrots

"Cross of Carrots" A low resolution metal box careens across a glare-enveloped endless plain. Double industrial steel slams without mercy against edible precious maps. The Machine breaks open like clouds to reveal a Home-movie from a deep space probe's interstellar vacation - there is a Cross of Carrots . The water softly laps at the pebble shoreline. Very dense, highly textured. (8 Min.) ©1992 Tucker Stilley

Play Texas Lasts Forever Texas Lasts Forever

"Texas Lasts Forever" Join us in celebrating the genius of Manuel Armando Verzosa. Shot on 3/4” videotape, edited on the legendary Montage II, these two videos were made for $3.75 in an attempt to repudiate the claims of the A&R department of Capitol Records that music videos were expensive - and highly recoupable. (3:25) ©1993 Manuel Armando Verzosa

Play Baby's Brilliant Now Baby's Brilliant Now

"Baby's Brilliant Now" by Manuel Armando Verzosa. Shot on 3/4” videotape, edited on the legendary Montage II, This is the second of two videos that were made for $3.75 in an attempt to repudiate the claims of the A&R department of Capitol Records that music videos were expensive - and highly recoupable. (4:41) ©1993

Play Airplane Song - censored Airplane Song - censored

"Airplane Song - censored" Vineyard Trilogy 1 - Music "the Airplane Song" ©1995 Lorna Ashe

Play The Seneca Lee The Seneca Lee

"The Seneca Lee" Vineyard trilogy 3 - Rowing the Lagoon with the proud model schooner "the Seneca Lee" in a good stiff gale (to scale). Capt. J. Craig, Skipper (2:53 Min.)

Play Psyphisia Psyphisia

"Psyphisia" Vineyard trilogy 2 24 hours of timelapse footage show the Psyphisia being built from scratch - out of scrap wood lying around the Cabine. 'Free, free, every last bit of it free!' Capt. J. Craig, Masterbuilder (3:24 Min.)

Play Press Play Press Play

"Press Play" Relentless media cut-up technique. Demonstration of virtual reality addiction. Trt : 3:43

Play The King of Venice The King of Venice

Sunny Zorro - a homeless genius on Venice Beach for decades, describes the remarkable life that brought him to his exalted position - the King of Venice. (4:25 Min) ©2007 Hen House Studios

Play Fluffball 2000 Fluffball 2000

"Fluffball 2000" (3:27) ©1999

Play The Permanent Record & You The Permanent Record & You

"The Permanent Record & You" by NewJack Rasputin. Now you’ve seen the Permanent Record’s hopelessly vague - yet strangely enough eerily specific welcome film. (3:18 Min.) ©Third Heaven Trans-Omniverse

Play The Space between Stars The Space between Stars

"The Space between Stars" by NewJack Rasputin. Xerox & Video (4.5 Min.) ©1985-2005 Third Heaven Trans-Omniverse

Play How We Do It How We Do It

A quick walk-through demo of how we create. (5 Min.) ©2008

Play Monte Vista Project Thank You Monte Vista Project Thank You

"Monte Vista Project - Thank You" by NewJack Rasputin. We can’t thank everyone too much for all the fun, but we can certainly be quick about it! Two weeks of Virtual Residency squeezed down into 3 action packed minutes! (3:13) ©2009

Play What was Hell Like? What was Hell Like?

"What was Hell Like?" by NewJack Rasputin. I just have come clean and cop to the disturbing fact that - much as it has set me back karmically, an ugly little part of me enjoyed HATING these fuckers. (1:33) ©2008

Play Hall of Hughs Hall of Hughs

"Hall of Hughs" by NewJack Rasputin.

Play Fropduster Fropduster

"Fropduster" by NewJack Rasputin. 2009

Play The Apotheosis of St. Hawking The Apotheosis of St. Hawking

The Apotheosis of St. Hawking by NewJack Rasputin. Dedicated to the Memory of William F. Buckley & Alan W. Watts (1 Min.) ©? Third Heaven Trans-Omniverse

Play Blind Date Blind Date

"Blind Date" by NewJack Rasputin. Just in time for Samhain - this extremely overwrought tale. Real dialog overheard in a secret vibe-o-rotory. Once again, i am sorry and apologize in advance. (11:18) ©2008

Play Dr. Strangegrip Dr. Strangegrip

"Dr. Strangegrip" by NewJack Rasputin

Play Mass Art Acceptance Presentation Mass Art Acceptance Presentation

It was my great honor to be recognized as Distinguished Alumni by the Massachusetts College of Art, which I attended for six years. This was my acceptance speech.

Play Nixon Now Nixon Now

"Nixon Now" by NewJack Rasputin

Play OJ Everywhere OJ Everywhere

"OJ Everywhere" by NewJack Rasputin

Play 1940's Closet in a Bunny Hat 1940's Closet in a Bunny Hat

"1940's Closet in a Bunny Hat" by NewJack Rasputin

Play Igloo Igloo

"Igloo" by Tucker Stilley Artist: Robert Schmitz

Play Mimi & Roy Mimi & Roy

"Mimi & Roy" by Tucker Stilley

Play Wolfman Wolfman

"Wolfman" by NewJack Rasputin We always had a hi-8mm camera around, and this just happened. A little bit eventually ended up in 'Welcome to the Hen House'

Play Synthetic Voices Synthetic Voices

"Synthetic Voices" by Tucker Stilley

Play John Glen was in Orbit John Glen was in Orbit

"John Glen was in Orbit" by Tucker Stilley

Play Journal - When I Was Small Journal - When I Was Small

"Journal - When I Was Small" by Tucker Stilley

Play Twirling Heads - Labyrinth Twirling Heads - Labyrinth

"Twirling Heads - Labyrinth" by Tucker Stilley

Play Laundry Day - Somerville Laundry Day - Somerville

"Laundry Day - Somerville" by Tucker Stilley

Play Miniature Garden Miniature Garden

"Miniature Garden" by Tucker Stilley

Play Mrs Butterworth Mrs Butterworth

"Mr Butterworth" by Tucker Stilley

About Tucker's Videos

About Tucker's Videos

I make videos using an Eyetracker now, but I've been making Video for what seems like centuries. You see here work from analog video synthesizers such as the wall-sized Sandin and Aries... work shot on an amazing array of cameras, spanning the vast gulf between analog Plumbicon b/w, Slow-scan telephone 8 bit video, the infamous Quaker Oats PIXL-2000, to the Ikagami 3 tube studio cameras, green screens, all forms of tricknologies; Quantizers, PDP-11's, Amigas, Aftereffects - and then the avalanche, the countless plugins, the new editing rig's manual to memorize the day before dailies. Projects that had to feather perfectly with the idle moments in a blockbuster... or waiting for the telephone to ring. Bizarre equipment used others begged, borrowed (and yes - stolen) recorded on everything from U-Matic 3/4' to VHS, Betamax, Beta, and finally - full circle and again entirely abstract - directly to file. I can say without doubt that these little slices of vision have come to you by the most torturous of paths.